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CAREER SPECIAL: Should I quit or stay?

Did 2013 disappoint you at work?

What was your reaction to the hike/promotion (or the lack of these) last year? Most employees in India, especially the IT sector have a trigger happy response to such a situation – open, and start hunting for a job. This was called for in the heyday of IT when jobs were pouring in and skill-set expectations were low. The situation has changed!


Companies now have fewer jobs to offer. Expectations at the interview desk are higher. And employer loyalty is a positive attribute on your resume. Years spent in an organization count more than how fast your salary grew! So should you throw that reputation you earned in your present company down the drain and look for a fresh start?


Ask Chandra Kant, Efficacy coach and career mentor (more info).


Share your aspirations and concerns and see if our expert can guide you to a more intelligent choice.



Step 1: Log on to
Step 2: Select the drop down menu Personal >> Career >> Counseling
Step 3: Type in your career status, aspiration and the dilemma/challenge you face. Provide as much detail as you can, without sharing company specific information such as name, HR, peers and products/services.



Career Counseling @ Rs. 200 / question., Pioneers in micro-consulting!


Career Advice Special

Experts at your service


A fresh new year is round the corner!

We are going to kick off the year with a special on career planning and development. Sign in and get access to highly successful professionals in different streams. Get insights into what each career stream really means – the day to day work, the growth prospects, the challenges. Ask questions on how to rise in your chosen career. We have an impressive line up of successful professionals who are happy to help you. Get advice that is hard to beat and make informed choices about your career.

More soon..!



Three questions. One answer.

Should an entrepreneur STUDY law?

Most successful entrepreneurs today need to deal with a myriad set of laws. This includes how contracts should be worded, how international interpretations of wording differ, how conflicts are to be resolved. The list goes on. If you start reading through the volumes of corporate law, it might take you months before you get down to making actual decisions.

Should your energies be invested in law – a tool to tackle exceptions. Or should you be focusing on strategy, product design, development and sales? We would think the later. But, not every enterprise can hire a dedicated bank of lawyers. This does not entitle them to ignore the detailed review of applicable laws (nor does it mean you, the founder, has to spend a weekend reading that 1200 page volume on corporate law).

What you need to do is subscribe to a bit of micro-consulting. Grab an AnswerJini law expert and get answers fast and cheap. Then focus on what you do best!

Would you like to SEARCH or FIND today?

Woah woah waoh! Stop Googling, will ya?

Google Find Logo


It’s become almost second nature to key in Goo for any information you want.  Hell, you do that EVEN TO CHECK THE NET CONNECTION!!! Why are we so obsessed with googling everything? Because Uncle Google has made it so simple, and seemingly fast, to search. Gives you the illusion that you are actually making progress – understanding the solution to your problem.


Googling is SEARCHING not FINDING.                 

Find answers with AnswerJini. We believe in Micro Consulting – ask questions and pay for answers, not consultants. Trust people handpicked to deal with specific types of questions - Education, Health, Parenting, Career, Financial, Business, Legal. You name it, we got it!

Should the entrepreneur STUDY technology?

Entrepreneurship starts with that one small idea!
Get Set. Stop!

The Silicon Valley of India is bursting to it’s seams with people ready to take on the world with an idea. And yet two years later these budding entrepreneurs make way for the next crop of people with fresh ideas. 

Why do these ‘Giants of the Valley’ get wiped off the map?

It is not because of lack of technical skills. It is because of an over-emphasis on technology. The technocrat was highly successful in the protected environments of his employed years. Out in the wild, on his own, his focus on technology is a handicap.

Out there, it is all about getting things done – FAST !

Have you ever tried your hand at entrepreneurship? Do you agree with this view on technology?

How to say No to a bookie

Difficult innit when a safari clad, nondescript person presents himself out of nowhere and asks you to choose between a wad of cash and definite humiliation? A suitcase of crisp notes and photos of  you that you wouldn’t want in the news. All he asks in return is a ‘small’ compromise.

What will you do?

When the storm subsides and our cricketers are back on the greens, our politicians back in their cozy government bungalows and our actors back on the 70mm, will we see another crop of people that eventually reached for the suitcase? When choices are so obvious in retrospective to all of us, why are our leaders, our actors and our role models not able to make a choice that is ‘common sense’. Why can’t they so No?

The reason is fear. The reason is an inability to tackle cognitive dissonance. The reason is those people we see on 40″ LED TVs are humans too. The reason is when they hit that fork in the road they have no one to talk to.

When in doubt, ask an expert. Ethics in itself is a field of study today. And if you are anxious about how to deal with the aftermath the right decision, there are reliable experts you can consult on legal issues, family well being, managing social perceptions and your own spiritual and mental well being.

All you need to do is talk. Reach out. Not for the suitcase. But for what is right for you.



Past scary numbers and acronyms

India is one billion strong. About eighteen million people from this family of a billion invest in equity. Ten cities contribute to eighty percent of the trading volume. Interesting numbers. The only sad part here is most of these numbers are speculative. The bulk of people trust unending news listings and unqualified guesses on TV to gamble away their money. It is no surprise then that many see their hard earned wealth erode in the market, blame it on the volatile nature of equity and quit investing.

But did you know that equity is a strong propellant for industrial growth in any country? Our economy, which has seen its GDP go into reverse gear, needs that investment. Why then should this team of one billion shy from investing in its own entrepreneurs? The cause is not volatility of the markets. It is lack of understanding of financial accounts. An inability to read, interpret and use freely available information – the balance sheet, profit-loss statements, income statements.

What if you do not have enough time to study financial accounting? You are already investing your money. You can’t invest your time too!

Tide over the flood of acronyms and numbers. Ask equity experts to translate the numbers for you, for your chosen companies! Check with

A day from my life – an engineer’s true story

Shared by an engineer….


It has been 5 years now, stuck with this job at the States with a below par salary just serving my basic needs here. Life has been tough. If I had a rewind button which I could click hard, race back to that point in my life when my dad decided to sell off his land in the most happening place in Mumbai, when my mom sold her jewellery just to get me admission to the most prestigious institute for engineering.

Four years of neck tightening pressure from the teachers and the pressure of studying with the best of the best students in the best university. I was not an average student. But to compete and comply with that kind of an environment was extremely tough.

And then, I met Neha. Fell in love straight away.

When all I could afford to accommodate in the top most part of my body was engineering, Neha hogged the most of me there, leaving so little for engineering to struggle and fit in. Four years were tough to comprehend; all went above my head most of the time. The only thing to keep me interested in studies was the level of interest of my father’s loan. Not a good motivator.

It was a project in itself to actually manage everything in my life, the people who have invested in me were so many then, and the stakes were also pretty high. With Neha’s love, parent’s money and my teacher’s pressure to manage and to come out without arrears in the final exams was always a competition within me at the highest stage.

And I did! I actually did ,with my parents going all in with selling all of their prized possessions to make me an engineer, I actually came out victorious without an arrear from the most prestigious college of the country only to look up to the selfish lot which throw peanuts and make you dance to the tunes. Yes the big corporate companies came like the securities in the dog van catching each one of us from the street and threw us into a pool of an even more pressurized environment. And throwing biscuit crumbles when we come up with a successful tail wag to their tricks.

They thought I was one from the higher breed so they threw me here in the States, with Neha now warm under my shoulders, all I am doing is to earn for our living. Five years down the line, all I do is code to earn for our living in the states. And still whenever I go over board with the spending, my dad is there to put money in my account… And i think now that with a all my might and working hard for even 20 years, down the line would I be able to get back the land my dad sold for my studies. Is that a good investment by my dad to sell off his land, which would have tripled in value by now, now to make me an engineer? Was that really worth it?

So I think now, with all my might, had there be a rewind button to go back to the time when my parents decided to make me an engineer and even going to sell off all their prized possessions to realize that. I wish that Google issued an advice with a personal touch that engineering’s boom time was about to get over, instead of talking about its pat pries. I still wonder how it would have been then if I had got an expert advice from someone…

Which of these animals are you?

Here’s a short story of three animals. See if you find your nature and choices reflected in any of them…

  • Robert, the rapid rabbit, works extremely fast. He has to set up a small toys-and-kids-apparel showroom and needs to plan the money for the set up. He wants to end up paying the minimum in taxes and yet get the biggest bang for the buck – great location, good interiors, best deal in the lease for the place – the works, you know.
  • Timothy, the lazy tortoise works extremely slow. He has to set up a large car showroom and needs to plan his finances properly, just like Jack.
  • Otto, the shy ostrich, works neither fast, nor slow. But she gets overwhelmed quite easily. She badly wants to set up a small shop selling green teas. Where should she do it? A mall? The corner of a busy street? A rich but quiet community? She needed to have  a plan too, just like Robert and Tim.

Who do you think will get his/her act together first and get it right the first time?

Let’s see..

Otto, the shy ostrich, does this -

  1. Visits Professor. Kookle, the famous know-it-all (some names changed to protect identity)
  2. Asks him how to ‘Plan finances for setting up a showroom’                                     
  3. Professor Kookle first starts talking of someone named MyUniverse who has paid him to talk about them
  4. Then, for some reason, he starts talking of a jeweler
  5. Otto starts getting a little overwhelmed with all this irrelevant information and nudges the Professor to speak of a financial plan relevant to her
  6. Professor Kookle, grudgingly, agrees to stop talking of the jeweler and and decides to dish out a long paragraph on how to plan finances properly – in general
  7. Otto is seriously overwhelmed by now and decides to just run away and hide her head in sand
  8. She scraps the whole idea of setting up a shop selling green teas

That didn’t go well, now did it?

Robert, the rapid rabbit, decides to avoid Professor Kookle. He races to a friend living nearest to him and asks for some suggestions. The friend has a card of a CA he had consulted some time back to save taxes. Robert pounces on the idea of consulting this CA. He hops into his car (for the CA lives afar) and races to the place, only to find that the CA has closed shop and moved out of town. Dejected he roams the streets and lands up at his aunt’s place. His aunt, God bless her soul, has a distant relative who is also a CA. CA # 2 will help with the financial plans at half the price other CAs would charge. How good is that! Catch is he is not yet a certified CA. Working towards it. But then, what do you expect for half price through the family network. The wannabe CA gives Robert a rapid plan to save some taxes. He misses some key points important to save taxes.


Robert loses quite a sum when he actually gets down to setting up shop. But hey, he got it done fast!

What does Timothy do? Tim decides to visit a portal that offers access to a network of experts in every field –

Reliable Advices


He posts a clear question and starts interacting with an expert. The charges are minimal and based on questions asked. No blanket fees for the consultation. No hourly charges. He outlines his expectations and assumptions and gets a prompt response. All done and dusted without the lazy guy having to leave home.

If you are in this situation, how would you react? Will you be the ‘overwhelmed and lost‘ Otto? Or will become the ‘rapid but defeated‘ Robert, chasing friends and relatives and surviving on whatever help you get?

Or will you be the lazy Timothy and let the experts do the job for you?

Go figure.